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Most businesses don’t know who to trust when choosing a VOIP phone system. If you are thinking about buying a new VOIP phone system and you're in the New York City area, we can help you muddle through the murky waters. Getting the right VOIP phone system can make or break a business.

“Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) is the current computer and internet revolution, and may be a source of both greater efficiencies and cost savings for your firm. But how? Why? What is it?

Phone systems are becoming more like computers. By not embracing new VOIP technology, this could mean a slow death for some small and medium sized businesses. The use of voice technology has become strategic in most Fortune 500 companies. They have already embraced VOIP as a way to make their businesses more productive. Small and medium sized businesses that adopt this technology earlier will have a competitive advantage on how to use it to enable their business to be more productive and remain competitive. The following are some examples.

  • Voicemails are also being sent to e-mail as an attachment. Voicemails can also be transcribed into text and sent to an e-mail. Being able to retrieve and respond to a voicemail quicker can help make a sale or help retain a client.
  • Office phones can be preset to forward all calls to a personal cell phone or a home phone if the office phone is not answered after a predetermined time period.
  • Imagine having a remote sales person record a technical client sales call. This client may need some very technical answers to his questions before he can place an order. This sales person can record that conversation and e-mail it to the correct technical service representative in, let’s say, India to quickly answer these technical questions so he can close the sale.
  • CRM applications like Salesforce.com and others are now being integrated with VOIP. There are many productivity gains that businesses will receive by using CRM with business phone systems. For example, clients call your business and you get a screen pop of who that client is and what they have purchased from your company. You will now automatically get a complete blueprint of your customers when they call you.
  • Reporting capabilities can also be enhanced for all employees’ phone usage. Businesses can also get detailed information on their remote sales force or customer support employees. Remote sales people are now linked into the corporate network from home. Management can monitor their calls. These employees’ feel more connected with the office through a 4 digit dial from home.
  • Marketing effectiveness can now also be measured and presented in a graphical format. Companies can track the number of leads from different trade publications or wherever they market their goods and services.
  • Employees can travel anywhere in the world and be connected back to the office via a soft phone on the computer. Employees can dial the USA or back to the office for free using their softphones. Wow, talk about being always connected!”

Excerpted from Voice over IP: Use it or Perish
by John A. Smith
Managing Director of Capable Communications

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