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Phone Bill Review

Phone Bill

Phone Bills Audits, Phone Bill Reviews & Internet Cost Saving Solutions:

Why are most businesses still paying too much for some of their most basic business support functions - phone and internet services?

Downsizing, rapid growth, mergers, complex billing structures, multiple vendors and even human error are just some of the possible explanations. Whatever the reason, Capable can help you cut phone billing and internet billing costs by reviewing your phone and internet billing records to unearth and save money you didn’t even know you were losing – and on an ongoing basis.

Phone Bill Review:

Our creative ways to reduce a client’s phone bill are first class. We leverage our relationships with all of major carriers to find the best service provider at the most cost effective price. Who has the time to do this today with so much of the industry downsizing or merging? Many businesses know they are paying too much, but are reluctant to consider a switch due to fear of getting poor service or not receiving the best price.

How many executives and managers have the time or resources to do a thorough vendor analysis or conduct an RFP (Request For Proposal) for competitive bids? We know the vendors, and stay on top of changes in the industry. We will always get you the best phone bill and internet bill price.

Phone Bill Audit:

We work with a network of Telecom Expense Management partners that can help organizations save up to 40% on their voice billing.

Why is it important to conduct an phone billing audit of your telecom services? A phone bill audit will help you understand exactly what services you have and how much you are paying for them. A phone bill audit can also identify services that are no longer needed; services that may be going to locations that have been closed for years or lines and circuits not used. A phone bill audit can finally enable your organization to see more efficient ways to design your company’s network. These cost savings can be HUGE.

Telecom in Turbulent Times

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