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Offsite Data Recovery Solutions

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Remote Backup, Disaster and Data Recovery Services:

Dependence on technology is a given for any modern business. As a result, even small businesses are exposed to the risk of IT hardware and software failure, security breakdowns, and loss or corruption of year’s worth of data. For example:

  • 40% of businesses that lose access to business critical data for 3 days go out of business within 3 years
  • 93% of businesses that suffer a significant, unrecoverable data loss go out of business within 5 years
  • Up to 70% of your business critical data resides in your e-mail. Over 75% of businesses lose access to their e-mail at least once each year
  • 48% of companies admit they are not adequately prepared to recover from a disaster

Our partners provide fully customizable, cost-effective data protection & disaster recovery services that were only available to large enterprise until recently. In addition, they provide technical consulting, and cloud solutions such as website, MS Exchange, and SharePoint hosting which can enhance your productivity and reduce expenses through the automation, collaboration, and synchronization of your current systems (emails, calendars, contacts, security, etc…).

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