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Electric Cost Saving Solutions

Electric Cost Saving Solutions

Electric Cost Saving Solutions for Businesses:

Most companies take their electric billing Kwh costs as a given, with limited alternatives. We know otherwise. The market for licensed alternative electric suppliers in NJ and PA is growing dynamically in response to global energy issues and competition.

Capable is working with 25 innovative electric suppliers to help provide our clients with more choice, control and savings.  More choice means more electric suppliers to choose from in our network of electric suppliers. Control means you control your Kwh costs with a fixed price per Kwh or a variable index rate. You choose what works best for your business. Savings means that our clients always lower their annual electric costs. Utilizing alternative licensed electric suppliers we can consistently save your company between 10-25 percent on your electric bills.

Please visit our Energy Market Exchange website for real-time quotes from one of our electric suppliers. You can lock into a rate online with out the hassle


  • The first real-time, web-based service allowing comparison of current and historical electric rates

  • Access to national electricity suppliers

  • Streaming, constantly updated fixed and variable rates

  • Instant analysis of electricity supply conditions and trends

  • The ability to easily switch to a lower-cost electric supplier

  • The power to find the lowest electric Kwh rates

To learn more about our New Jersey and Pennsylvania electric suppliers or for a free consultation please Contact us for more information.





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Capable Communications helps businesses reduce their electric costs by utilizing alternative electric suppliers in PA & NJ. By combining providers, we can also reduce your telecom, and VOIP costs.

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